Subtract Allergies

Posted: Monday, May 10, 2010 by Michael Elkins in

So I posted a few posts ago about how much I hate allergies...turns out I don't have allergies (at least not as bad as I thought) but I have a sinus infection.  I know this sounds terrible but I was kinda thrilled to hear this news.  Perspective is a very unique thing.  If by itself you heard you had a sinus infection you would prob consider this bad news.  However, if you thought your life was going to be plagued by allergies and you found this out, you would be happy you could take some meds and be better in a few days.  Life is full of different perspectives.  We think our lives our rough until we see maybe someone who has a "rougher" life.  All in all though it is not about "Is life rough or not?", but it is about God.  No matter our situation our lives should be for God's use, this kinda takes the focus off of us.  Which is a good thing.


  1. Mandi says:

    glad to hear you don't have to deal with yucky allergies....what are you doing to deal with the sinus infection? and how did you find this information out?

  1. went to the doctor....they gave me an antibiotic