Posted: Friday, May 21, 2010 by Michael Elkins in

If you didn't know I am going to Haiti this summer with a group of teenagers and adults for 1 week. I am a leader on this trip. However, I am scared. Not in a bad way scared I guess but in a I have no clue what to expect type scared. As scared as I am I am equally excited. I love new things and new challenges. Its one of a few times I don't know what to expect. I have always loved new chalenges but have always done the research at at least had an idea of what to expect. If you ask my wife and am a nerd when it comes to researching places and things before I go there or buy them. As much research as I have done I am still not sure what to expect. I don't even know if it is completely a physical thing as much as it is a spiritual and emotional thing. Even as I write this I have trouble expressing what I am really trying to say. I know God will do great things....and that scares me sometimes. So I ask you a favor, I need your help. Pray for me PLEASE. Do I need money, yes, but that will come. Pray that I will be calm, have peace, and somehow know what to do. WISDOM. I need wisdom. So please pray on my behalf for God to give me wisdom.
Here is a video of Haiti before:

Here is a video after:

Please watch these. Please think of the group of people we will be going with us and pray for us.



  1. Great guy, Debbie and I think a lot of him!